Owning your own aircraft should simply give you more freedom, Selchem Aviation guarantees that freedom while managing the necessary responsibilities. Step up to a whole new experience in intelligent air travel
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Selchem Aviation - Turning Dreams Into Flight
Heidelberg Airfield Hanger B3
Selchem Aviation is about making the unimaginable belief of owning your own aircraft a reality at a price no more than the cost of a medium luxury automobile. So how do we position you in the ownership of a 5 to 8 seater aircraft capable of commuting you, your business colleagues, clients, family and friends in luxury, speed, convenience time saving safety and unbelievable affordability from R275 000 upward dependent on your preference of our aircraft type? We achieve this through fractional ownership, in tenth share purchase options. Most private or business owned aircraft spend more than 90% of their time on the ground and not in the air, hangerage, annual maintenance, insurance, pilot (crew), along with the acquisition cost remain fixed and therefore expensive. Through one tenth ownership options the acquisition, hanger use, maintenance, insurance & crew costs are proportionally split making it an affordable sensible option, giving you all the advantages of full ownership at a tenth of the price. Once an aircraft, is acquired it is placed into a trust between the ten owning parties, all acquisition shares in the aircraft are fully unencumbered against the fully debt free asset, eradicating the risk element, a factor we at Selchem Aviation take seriously. Experience the world of speed, luxury & convenience of owning your own aircraft.
Let nobody tell you can't own your own aircraft because you can. Let nobody tell you can't own your own aircraft because you can.
" Welcome to the Selchem Aviation team, where dreams become reality " " Welcome to the Selchem Aviation team, where dreams become reality"