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The benefits of fractional ownership speak for themselves; it's affordable trouble free and allows you the flexibility to enjoy more than just one asset. Selchem Aviation further extends fractional ownership to motorised yachts, exotic sport cars, as well as local and international fractional home ownership. Simply put a 1 million capital asset in full single ownership is worth R10 million in varied asset holdings, providing the same amount of usability. In all intense purposes I personally used to own various holiday residences and in the majority of cases I would be lucky to utilise them 3 months of the year, yet still have to bear the full brunt of the cost, the same used to apply when I held full ownership of my yachts. Today I get the same enjoyment spending a tenth of the capital outlay, without the bother, of the asset management and maintenance; it's a no brainer. Through Selchem Aviation fractional club ownership, you can enjoy multiple asset ownership in our millionaire’s club, of aircraft, motorised yachts, super cars, and top international home ownership. " Selchem Aviation fractional asset ownership, making billionaires from millionaires"
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Heidelberg Airfield Hanger B3
Benefits Of Fractional Ownership