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Heidelberg Airfield Hanger B3
Single Engine Piston Aircraft
Travel time To Durban 1 hour 30 min Price per person To Durban including pilot R 960.00 Travel time To Cape Town 4 hours 30 minutes Price per person To Cape Town including pilot R2655 .00 Runway Surface Tar , dirt or grass / registered runways only . Runway length 800 meters. Cruising altitude Without oxygen 10 000 feet. With oxygen 20 000ft. cruising speed 277 km/h Fuel burn per hour 70 liters per hour approximately R1190.00 Maintenance estimation R1 200.00 per hour Single pilot operation cost R760.00 per hour Disadvantage Non presurised/single engine Selchem Aviation management fee R400 per hour *Fractional ownership cost R198 000 vat exclusive* ( per person per tenth share)
Selchem Aviation has identified two specific piston single engine aircraft it fractionalises the Beechcraft 36 Bonanza and the Piper Saratoga / Lance / Cherokee six, non-retractable & retractable undercarriage series Both the Beechcraft and the Piper single engine series can be flown by single pilots ,with dual pilots as an option, if flown by single pilot they are capable of commuting a pilot and five passengers, in executive first class comfort, being a single engine they are economical in fuel burn and maintenance costs, despite contrary beliefs, single engine aircraft arguably, have better safety records to that of twin engine aircraft. Whether that is factual or not these aircraft, are considered 10 times safer than any road transport. I personally have flown and owned both these aircraft types for close on 25 years, and have never had an engine failure, or been required to make an emergency landing on either of these aircraft types. Unfortunately, if you want speed, you may lose payload and the likelihood of cabin space.
Beechcraft Bonanza
Plus speed, she's fast, & sexy, she's also more expensive than her Piper counterpart. To be fast and sexy she needs to be sleek and that she is, but she not only comes at an inflated price, her sleek slim body, makes her cabin less spacious and her carrying capacity less, but she gets you there fast and there's no mistaking that she's a hot 327 km/h baby. In conclusion if you want a hot sleek sexy fast aircraft and can live with a less spacious cabin and possibly restricting your luggage capacity, you can't beat the Beechcraft Bonanza, she's the Aston Martin of the sky.
She's designed for comfort with a spacious cabin, and more than enough cargo space and payload capability for the family, & better priced you won't find. She's easy on the pocket especially the non-retractable version, in operating costs and overall value for money, she may not boast the luscious lines of the Beechcraft, but she makes up for it in space and pay load, this is truly a family aircraft, one in which my family has enjoyed, many happy adventures. She uses less runway than the Beechcraft, which makes getting in and out of short runways a pleasure, just don't expect to get there as fast as the Beechcraft Bonanza, she's a docile non retractable version she cruises at 235km/h, and in the retractable version she cruises at 268 Km/h. So, in conclusion she's sumptuous, curvy and comfortable, she may not be sporty but then again, she's a limousine not an Aston Martin.
Piper Saratoga Retractable Aircraft Details
Piper Malibu/Matrix
For myself the Malibu/Matrix offers everything I would wish for in an aircraft it's an intelligent choice. As a pilot it's an easy to manage aircraft for single pilot operation as well as economical in terms of fuel consumption and maintenance. It's a true 6-seater, lavishly finished serving well as a family or corporate aircraft, it's fast for a piston engine aircraft and has a great long-distance nonstop range. This is a single engine pressurised aircraft, allowing one to fly above the weather and in less turbulent conditions. The Malibu/Matrix is great in terms of runway versatility as they operate on relatively short runways, be it grass, gravel, asphalt or tar, as much as I love light Private jets they are not so limited in terms of runway distance and the need to operate on only tar/hard surface runways. The Mirage/Matrix almost goes anywhere it's an obvious first choice for those who can afford the initial purchase capital, it is costly, but while saying that I once owned one and I doubt it's operational cost for what you're getting can me matched, it's simply a beautiful aircraft.
Aircraft Details
Cruising Speed 395 km/h Range 2300 km non stop Fuel Consumption 76 litres an hour *Fractionalion cost subject to availability, estimated operational costs supplied on request