The Piper turbo prop single provides the most outstanding safety features, it’s fast 507 km/h, it's quiet with an impressive pay load, endurance and economical fuel burn. If you're looking for an aircraft that has similar flight characteristics to that of a light private jet, it can take off and land on most terrain, be it dirt, gravel, grass or tar, in a quarter of the runway distance then the Piper M600/Miridian may be an option you will find impossible to match. This aircraft is luxuriously appointed, pressurised for above the weather convenience and boasts safety features most private jets lack. In summary the M600/Miridian provides everything a light private jet will offer you, especially because of its accessibility in and out of almost any runway, unlike private jets she's not limited to tarmac surfaces, so landing at private lodges, private islands and ranches puts her versatility on top of my list. This aircraft is economical on your pocket and designed with safety as a priority.
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