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Heidelberg Airfield Hanger B3
Turbine Helicopters Bell 206 Jet ranger
Personally, there is no form of flight more graceful and pleasurable than that of Helicopters. In so far as making an appearance well nothing is more befitting. For city to city hops helicopters are great and if money's not an option and time more valuable than a helicopter is an option you would most likely wish to exercise. In so far as versatility, well that be another point of debate, in general especially in respect to the turbine helicopters such as the bell 206 they cost as much to operate to that of a light private jet, they are slow, have limitations in respect to travelling at night, cannot fly in bad weather, carry only 4 including a pilot, and have very short operating distance capability and therefore require short hop refuelling on longer distances, in short they have limited operating functionality other than if you wish to avoid tragic congestion, or make an entrance. I have spent much time in the Bell helicopter, it is my personal favourite to which my family and I have had most memorable times, but as said it comes at a considerable cost as well, but if you can afford it, why not seeing as though it’s much better than a Rolls in the Garage, but still substantially more to operate, all said it still gets a seven star in terms of travel