As a pilot, to me a Beechcraft is incredible to fly and nothing can be truer than that then with the Beechcraft Baron, as with her sister single engine Bonanza she is slick, fast, and gorgeous has the exact same cabin size as her single engine sister. She's a pilot’s dream to own, and fly, however, lose an engine in the twin version and I'd rather have the twin Piper Senecca. which may be a donkey to fly but a much better single engine performer. So, in conclusion I love the Baron as a pilot, but in respect to single engine capability I would need to put my money on the Senecca. if you’re looking for twin engine personal flying pleasure the Beechcraft is a beauty for family and safety however in my opinion.
As with most of the aircraft that we offer for fractional ownership, Selchem Aviation have had the privilege to own and operate the Beachcraft Baron as well as the Piper Seneca.
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The Piper Seneca has the exact same fuselage as the single engine Saratoga, it's roomy, comfortable and surprisingly quiet in respect to engine noise in comparison to the Beechcraft Baron. Once again, the Senecca as with her single engine sister, is a true family aircraft, with the added value of the additional second engine in the unlikely hood of an engine failure. Debatably I doubt in light piston twins you will find an aircraft who can perform as well on a single engine. As a passenger she holds her own in spaciousness with more than enough luggage space. As a passenger you will love this aircraft but as a pilot, I would take the Beechraft for its handling, but if you lose an engine, I would wish for the Senecca. In conclusion the Piper Seneca cannot be matched in its class with respect to value for money fuel efficiency and single engine performance however, she in no way compares in speed to that of the Beechcraft Baron.
Aircraft Specifactions
Passengers. 1x pilot , 5 persons / 2 x pilots 4 persons Speed. 328km/h Johannesburg to Durban. 1 hour 45 minutes Johannesburg to Cape Town. 4 hours 50 Fuel usage 109 litres an hour Maintenance per hour estimated R 1000.00 Estimated cost to Durban approximately R 3700.00 Estimated cost to Cape Town approximately R 11 000 estimated cost per person to Durban R 900 Estimated cost per person to Cape Town R 3000 Price per tenth share R 285 000 vat exclusive