In basic terms a turbo prop is a jet with a propeller/s. The reason one would opt to rather buy a turbo prop over a private jet fundamentally is its ability to land on almost any hard surface, be it grass, gravel, asphalt or tar. Jets are in almost all instances limited to tar/concrete runways. Jets have a further disadvantage, they require longer runways, whereas Turbo Props can use in most instances a quarter of the runway distance. So for capital to capital travel Jets in most cases will have a runway to accommodate them, but city to city , town to town it will prove problematic, not to mention how you're out of luck on 99% of game lodges, remote dirt strips, or any other runway shorter than 1.5 km and that's at best. In most cases you will need a minimum of 2km for Jets, whereas the Turbo Props perform well on 600 to 800-meter runway lengths, dependent on the load that they are carrying. In short Turbo Props can almost land anywhere whilst providing all the comfort of their private jet counterparts, pressurisation, above the weather capabilities, equal safety and reliability. The only downside is that they are slower, but nevertheless they are still fast.
Selchem Aviation only markets Beechcraft twin turbo props for the following reasons: Firstly, we have been privileged to have owned at some or other time the majority of the Beechcraft King Air range. They are proven and tested not only by us but the world. These aircraft are incredibly robust, practical, luxurious and safe. The likelihood of an engine failure is most unlikely (Selchem Aviation has never encountered one) Beechcraft King Airs can hold their own on a single engine extremely effectively The Beechraft King Air series is a practical and efficient aircraft, a master of the sky, the envy of many who aspire to own one, and the pride and joy of the elect few who do. The Beechcraft king is versatile and will take you in and out of almost any runway. In conclusion, these aircraft in our opinion have no match but they do however come at a price tag.
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