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Originally I owned my aircraft in my private capacity, in so doing, I would often not use my aircraft for a few weeks at a time, then plan a trip down to the beach house arriving at the hanger, open the doors only to find a wheel flat, or even worse have the whole family loaded ready to go on vacation only to find a mechanical fault in the pre take off engine checks and later find myself taking the family on a ten hour road trip which would only have taken an hour and a half by air. Aircraft need to be operated and maintained. The above example is one any aircraft owner has experienced many times. It's great to be in a position where the aircraft has been fuelled up and pre checked before the flight with all systems good to go. The aircraft cleaned valeted and 99/100 you're good to go, no fuss. If you as a reader are affray with aviation, you would be quite aware of the above as common and frustrating situations. Furthermore, you will also be aware that your aircraft will spend in most cases 90% of its time locked up and unused, despite paying full insurance, hangerage and mandatory maintenance costs whether the aircraft is used or not. Fractional ownership cuts the cost by nine tenths. Combine this with Selchem Aviation management team who, look after your asset, from maintenance, hangerage, cleaning, refuelling, Stocking of beverages and on flight entertainment, to the crewing of the aircraft. We simply take out the hassle ensuring your aircraft is kept in prestige condition all the time, without fuss and at a fraction of the cost of single ownership. In real terms we manage you and your partners aircraft, managing your flights amongst each other, providing live data feed always in respect to where your asset stands at any given time. "Selchem Aviation the host and groom of your prized asset"
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