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Selchem Aviation specialise in sport cruser cabin sleeper Yachts , for weekend end get away family's as well as larger home living yachts.
Prices available on request for sport / home Yachts cruises based on tenth share ownership along with mooring locations available in SA, as well as internationally
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Heidelberg Airfield Hanger B3
Selchem Aviation yacht fractionalisation, provides obviously all the same advantages of one tenth ownership, I have previously owned yachts as a single owner for years until I came to the same realisation as did with aircraft , I really only utilised them at best 4 times a year and then only over weekends when I did, While still carrying the full burden of the mooring cist, anti-fowling and not to mention the cleaning which is expensive, combined with the maintenance costs and all the others. Boat engines need to work, if they stand they will give you endless trouble, nothing worse than planning a weekend out with the family only to you find yourself experiencing mechanical problems, and in boats that don't operate frequently this is not rare but most common, irrespective of how new the yacht is. Fractional ownership is one tenth of the price, along with the maintenance mooring. Not to mention the asset is managed by the Selchem Aviation management team, it's diary is managed by us, it's kept fully fuelled, Its interior spotless , catering taken care of as specified by the owners, engines pre checked the day before all trouble free and ready to go. Aligned to Selchem Aviation is our associate yacht building company silhouette yachts to which we offer our own custom built yachts to our collective owners, a unique array of custom offers available prior to the yacht is build. It's an option, we do however also offer on fractional ownership boats outside of that of those we build, anything from Bay liner, searby, Azumat , and our Family’s all-time favourite the Jeanneau prestige live on Super Yacht. We position our clients and group owners in all major centres throughout South Africa, and in the case of home sleeper yachts; the Seychelles, Miami, Vancouver Toronto & Spain. Prestige live on yachts provide 7-star luxury at a fraction of home ownership costs, moored in the top locations makes on board living when docked as prestige as when out in the wild blue.